Thursday, June 01, 2006

sorry i'll do half of my scribe post today and half tomorrow! i hope thats o.k with you mr. reece


Here are some questions that might help you with solving problems.
A blizzard has started in winnpeg. It has already snowed 5cm. It is snowing 2 new cm each hour. How much snow has fallen at the end of the 8th hour?

Start+ change(variable)=solution

You have already scored 20 baskets and you will score 5 new baskets each game you play. If you still have 15 games to play this year. how many baskets will you have scored?


She starts off with 30$ in her account. At the end of each month she deposits 18$. How much money does she have after a year?

30+18(m)=Solution 30+18(12)=246
(m is 12 months)

Here are some math problems you can solve yourself:

You are having a race against your friend, except you are on foot and he is on his bike.
you both know that if you are on a bike you will be faster so your friend gives you a head start of 3 miniutes. If you can run 400m per minute, and your friend can bike 700m per minute. Who will be first to make it to the finish line 2000m away?

Ryan purchased two cds and had 6 dollars left over, he went to the mall with 30$. Create an equation to solve how much Ryan spent on each Cd?

Solving (linear) Algebraic equations
1 step equations: solve for N
1) N+8=13



Algebraic equations


(7-2) a+3=13

6a+5=3a +20

(9+3) n+10 -4=8n+10+4

I'll do the other half tomorrow .sorry if i caused so much trouble. does that mean i have to pick a NEW scribe for tomorrow or something else?

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At 8:36 PM, Blogger Midget said...

somebody say if i did a goodscribe post or somethin mr. reece was it good???

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