Friday, June 02, 2006

other half of my scribe post!!!xD

Some review from yesterday might occur in this scribe post...

Definitoins you might want to know for the exam!
Algebraic Equations

4 n + 3 = 11

An algebraic equation contains four elements : constant, coefficient,
variable and solution.

( starting point, change, variable and solution)

Start + change(variable) = solution

m x + b = y
m : coefficient
x : variable
b : constant
y : solution
Ryan purcahsed 2 CDs. one of the CDs cost $10.00. In total they cost $25.00.
$10.00 + n = $25.00
-$10.00 -$10.00
CD#1 = $10.00
CD#2 = $15.00
Always figure out the starting point first!
You have to create a word problem and solve it.
Solving Equations
To solve on equation we need to have all variables on one side and
the constants on the otherside.
We can have only one instance of the variable.
Follow the steps to solving equations:
Step #1: Do anything in brackets.
( 7 -2 ) a = 5
5 a = 5
Step #2: combine "like" terms.
3 n + 4 n = 14
7 n = 14
Step #3: All variable on one side constants on the other.
4 m = m +3
Step #4: divide/ multiply
( 9 + 3 ) n + 6 = 8 n + 10 + 4
step #1: 12 n + 6 = 8 n + 10 + 4
step #2: 12 n + 6 = 8 n + 14
step #3: 4 n = 8 12 n - 8 n = 14 - 6
step #4: 4 n = 8
4 4
n = 2
You will nto have to do more than 2 steps on the test/exam!
T- Charts
T- charts have two columns. The second column ( y value ) is
dependant on the first column (x value )
m x + b = y
m: change or coefficient
b: constant or start
y: solution
Here is a question you could do improve your knowledge on t - charts.
You are going to the fair. It costs $3.00 to enter
and $1.00 per ride.
We can use the t - chart to figure out any y value if we know the change
between each step.
We use m x + b = y
Create our graph.
  • x - axis is our variable
  • y - axis is our solution

Solve this next one yourself.

You are going to the fair. It costs
$3.00 to enter and $1.00 per ride.
If you change is increasing your graph will go up. If your change is decreasing your graph will go down.
I hope this scrbe post is some help to you! Im now going to study for exams go luck everbody!
Oh and the next scribe is.... michelle!

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At 12:21 PM, Blogger michelle said...

try to put picures next time

At 3:54 PM, Blogger Midget said...

o.k then thanxs

At 2:12 PM, Blogger Mr. Reece said...

thanks for the scribe post midget

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