Monday, March 06, 2006

Beginning of the class we reviewed the five different angles we learned on Thursday. Here are the types of angles:
-Acute Angle: Any angle that measure between 0-90 degrees.
-Right Angle: Any angle that is exactly 90 degrees.
-Obtuse Angle: Any angle that is greater than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees.
-Straight Angle: Any angle that is exactly 180 degrees.
-Reflex Angle: Any angle that is greater than 180 and less than 360 degrees.

After we reviewed that, we looked at geometric terms. Here are the terms:
Point: A geometric element that indicates position, but has no size.
(You can’t measure it)
Example:Image hosting by Photobucket (Point is written as “A”)

Line: Are a set of points in a straight line. They extend in both directions.
Example: Image hosting by Photobucket

(Line is written as “ Image hosting by Photobucket”) (Two arrows)

Ray: A set of points that form a straight line. A ray starts at a point and extends forever in one direction.
Example: Image hosting by Photobucket(Ray is written as “ Image hosting by Photobucket”) (one arrow)

Line Segment: Part of a line , but it has to endpoints.
Example:Image hosting by Photobucket (Line is written as “ Image hosting by Photobucket”) (no arrows)

After that, we did this diagram. In the diagram below find all the following:
All 3 lines, 3 line segments, 6 rays and 3 points.

Lines: Image hosting by Photobucket

Line Segments: Image hosting by Photobucket

Rays: Image hosting by Photobucket

Angles: Angles are formed with two rays or lines that meet at a common point. This endpoint is called the vertex.Image hosting by Photobucket

Writing Angles:Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Homework: Due Tomorrow
- Textbook PG. 263 -1-5, 7-16
Due Friday
-3 Point Approach- Types of Angles

The next scribe will be…ABDUL!!

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At 8:22 AM, Blogger Mr. Reece said...

All I can say is WOW, this was an amazing scribe post Anna. Congradulations!!!!

Mr. R

At 3:59 PM, Blogger Midget said...

nice scribe post anna! i wish i could do that!

At 10:30 PM, Blogger hotsauce said...

nice scribe anna i can't do wat u just did so nice scribe

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